Horsh Ehden Ride

Join us on this Sunday’s ride through the slopes of Northern Lebanon. Support the Chapter at a reforestation event at Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve in collaboration with environmental NGOs. Heading back, we will be weaving through curvy roads leading to Bnachii Lake for lunch.


Pinktober Ride

This Sunday “Turn on the pink” and join the PINKTOBER RIDE to help spreading breast cancer awareness. We start our day from Paul Gemmayze and ride to attend a short and informative session at AUBMC.
Following the gathering, we will be riding to the beautiful mountains of Maten in a short and sweet half day ride.


Ride for Hope

Join this Sunday’s RIDE FOR HOPE, in collaboration with The Children’s Cancer Centre (CCCL). We start our day early by attending CCCL’s invitation for breakfast at the BEIRUT YACHT CLUB, where we participate in the gathering with other sporting and riding groups. This event is of honorable purpose and includes survivors’ testimonies and is media covered… we need you all there!

Following the breakfast, we will be riding through vast green sceneries and country roads to one of the most spectacular cliffs in Lebanon.

CCCL created a donation portal accepting Lebanese and US currency bank cards. This portal will be open to October 31, 2022. For those preferring in-person donation, you can leave yours at the dealership with Sami Chamas and a receipt will be issued in your name by the CCCL.

Donation link: https://www.cccl.org.lb/initiative-details/79/en  

Final note: it’s not the magnitude of the amount you contribute but the extent to which it lends a hand and keeps hope to those Kids battling Cancer…


Zendurance 2022

This Sunday’s ride is nothing like our usual…. IT IS THE ZENDURANCE RIDE!
Join us early in the morning and enjoy close to 500KM of riding through Lebanon’s North, Bekaa and South. Come and show your riding fellows the strength of your passion and the riding endurance you carry ! This ride is full of excitement and attractions, and the surprise routing will leave you in awe!


Pool Day Ride

Join this Sunday’s pool day ride starting from Beirut through Byblos mountains and landing at Orizon Byblos…. Pack your swim wear to this beautiful resort with a free entrance to all riders/passengers to enjoy a nice chill by the pool and a live entertainment not to be missed!


Aley Festival Ride

Join us this Saturday for a special afternoon ride to Aley District. An exhilarating routing coupled with an invitation by the Municipality of Aley to the Classic Car Show and a dedicated tour to explore the famous and historic Sami Makarem Mansion in Aitat.