Welcome to the Jungle!

Our Ladies of Harley together with our Road Team have prepared a unique night ride.

Altitude breeze, followed by a sunset dip, food, and fun, just what the doctor ordered!


Rafting Weekend

Jump off your Harley and row your raft while we camp through a weekend of fun, music, and action!

Breeze Louise Ride

This is a ride designed for you to glide through the mountains effortlessly, while your mind wanders with the soft breeze.


Mountain Peak Ride

This Sunday we glide through the mountains on a half-day ride to visit the place where the first Lebanese flag was raised.


Ehden Freestyle Ride

This Sunday we ride to the heart of the northern mountains. To the beautiful town of Ehden on a wonderful full-day refreshing ride.


Mountain Lake Weekend 2018

It’s time for the H.O.G. Chill of the year. A weekend at the lake at The Field, as we relax, swim, and play, to make another unforgettable event.