Ride Safe And Have Fun

This is our Chapter’s motto, this is our Chapter’s creed.

Wherever we ride, whatever we do, it’s always to have a great time and to be safe.

The Lebanon Chapter #9502 was founded on June 16th, 2009. The story of the Lebanon Chapter is no ordinary one for never before in its history has H.O.G.® approved the creation of a Chapter without the existence and sponsorship of a Harley-Davidson® Dealer.

It took the uncompromising dedication and perseverance of a few H-D® aficionados together with the boundless support of Nigel Villiers (H.O.G.® and Rider Services Director) in addition to the constant care and advice of Lisa Schlensker (H.O.G.® Middle East and North Africa Manager) to make this dream come true.

The Chapter is also grateful to many fellow riders and “believers” such as, Claude Abry, Monther Al-Mutlaq, Martin Engelbrecht, Ibrahim Al-Salem, Percy Sayegh, Stéphane Sahakian and all other who helped through the way.

Today the Lebanon Chapter is sponsored by Harley-Davidson® Lebanon. Our Chapter is young at heart and vibrant with activities like the Lebanon H.O.G.® Tour which continues to exceed expectations and which has confirmed itself as a not-to-miss regional H.O.G.® event.

We’re all about getting together, having a great time, riding hard and riding safe!