Code of Conduct

In order to insure the safety and comfort of all chapter members, and preserve the chapter spirit, we urge you to carefully go through the below guidelines.

Any member failing to abide by these standards will be jeopardizing his/ her membership.

  • Alcohol is not allowed during rides.
  • Drug use is never tolerated.
  • Keep your politics and religion to yourself.
  • This is not a place for you to conduct personal business or any type of solicitation.
  • This is a Dealer-Sponsored Chapter; counterfeit Harley Davidson merchandise is insulting.
  • All ride-related fees that are announced in advance must be honored upon participation.
  • Treat others in a manner you wish them to treat you.
  • Safety rules and traffic laws exist for your safety and that of your fellow riders, you must abide by them (you will receive a handbook; you may also refer to for more details).
  • The Chapter Road Team is there to serve you and insure your safety, please respect their guidance and pre-ride briefing.
  • Salvage bikes are a danger to you and to fellow riders; they are not compliant for use.
  • You must keep a well-maintained motorcycle. Bad tires and brakes are a hazard to you and others. A poorly maintained motorcycle will prevent you from enjoying and completing rides.
  • This is a H.O.G.® Chapter; you must be on a Harley Davidson (or Buell) at all events.
  • A DOT approved or similar helmet is mandatory, and proper safety gear is encouraged.