Summer Creek Ride

Join this Sunday’s short and sweet summer creek half-day ride and glide your bike through the beautiful Metn heights!


Kefraya Ride

This week we visit Bekaa and have lunch at Chateau Kefraya after enjoying a beautiful ride passing through Chouf Cedars Reserve.


The Summit Ride

Join this Sunday’s half-day SUMMIT ride and lets roll from the coastal highway through the mountains of keserwan and crossing to the Maten district!

Let’s all enjoy a nice cool Sunday weather and beautiful summits at Baskinta and Sanine!


Morning Breeze Ride

This Sunday we will cruise through the pine mountains, fresh breeze and thrilling sceneries all the way to our destination, Zaarour.


Skills Event Ride

Its the time again to sharpen our skills ahead of our riding season while having fun competing and challenging one another!

Book your spot and participate in the HOG skills cup taking place on the 28th of May at Forum De Beirut. We will have a dedicated space at the Beirut Sports Festival provided to us by the organizers as well as TV/Media coverage.


South Valley Ride

Join this Sunday’s full day South Valley ride and enjoy the scenic roads of Al Hujeir Valley and the strolling waters of the Litani river.

its probably the coolest time to ride…the captures of the southern landscape will surely reside in your memory !

Following the ride ending in Gemayzeh, we will be gathering to watch the ball game between Riyadi and Sagesse…

Looking forward to seeing you all!