Lebanon Chapter

Here we come to another riding season, where the green side of this new reality has given us the best riding opportunities than we’ve ever had.

We will not let any situation stop us. Because we all know the risks, and how to avoid them.

Here are the additional rules for members to join the rides as long as the COVID-19 pandemic is here:

  • In case of any symptoms, members are required to stay at home , and not join the ride.
  • Every rider should have an N95-rated mask, and a sanitizer.
  • Masks must be worn before departure, and on pit-stops.
  • Members must respect social distancing (no hugs, kisses, even handshakes, and keep 2 meters distance between each other).
  • If you haven’t acquired the habit not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth yet, we advise you to do so. It decreases your risk tremendously.
  • No sharing of food, water, cigarettes, lighters, etc. Every member is asked to bring their own things in order not to borrow anything from a fellow rider.
  • In case of any contact, wash your hands with soap or sanitizer.
  • In any situation where you don’t know what to do, please speak to a member of the road team.
  • Members are required to follow the instructions of the road team, even in matters related to the above.
  • It’s always better to wear riding boots. This situation adds one more reason to do so.

We need you to remember that even your friends would have new standards of social behavior right now. Please do not embarrass anyone by neglecting rules of physical contact, or asking to borrow their things, or even sit on their bike etc.

You are advised to report any person who is oblivious to the above to the road team or to the assigned safety officer.

Any person who is not taking social distancing seriously is considered to be endangering fellow members. We thankfully have no COVID-19 cases in our community, and we will not allow nonchalance to change that.

When H.O.G.® bikers endure lockdown, they RIDE IT OFF!

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