Test your twins Movember Ride

Join this Sunday’s Half-Day Movember ride and event, and surf through the mountains of Maten leading to Broumana with a pit-stop at Chez Nassim.

We start our morning with a light breakfast at the dealer, a short awareness session by a doctor in collaboration with Caritas and end our event with a fun game coupled with a special prize by Cedarwoods….. and off we ride!

Baalbek Ride

Join this Sunday’s glorious ride to Baalbek and Baalbek Temple… We kick off our ride from Paul Gemayze and flow through Metn and Keserwan mountains to our final destination at the Temple where we will have a free admission and a permit to park our bikes inside. We all will enjoy the trademarked “Sfi7a Baalbakié” and a surprise cultural festivity dedicated to our H.O.G Chapter !

You really do not want to miss this ride, and when done, you will realize that there is nothing better than being a tourist in your own country!

Movember Ride

Join this Sunday’s “Movember” half-day ride and enjoy the beautiful autumn colors riding through the mountains of Jbeil and Batroun leading us to Fghal, where will collaborate with Caritas in their cancer awareness event.
The event will include a free brunch and a “mustache/beard” competition and prizes, all in a fun and chill mood!