24 Hours of Non-Stop Riding
And in the end there can be ONLY ONE WINNER.
The biker with most miles wins, CAN YOU BEAT THE 1,196KM OF LAST YEAR’S MILEAGE.

Only ONE winner gets the honor of holding the trophy and wearing the pin.
Only ONE winner will have their name carved on the walls of the Lebanon Chapter.

Registration, Departure & Arrival location: H-D® Dealership
Gathering & Registration: 6:30 AM, Saturday September 14th.
Participation fees: $20
Departure: 7:00 AM, Saturday September 14th (contest starts).
Arrival: 7:00 AM, Sunday September 15th (contest ends).

CONTEST RULES (so the weak can’t cheat):
» Ride as many miles as possible in 24 hours
» Choose any routing you want but you can only ride within Lebanon.
» Event is Open only for all Harley owners.
» Participants cannot ride in circles & no route can be crossed more than once in the same direction.
» Participants must abide by traffic laws and speed limits at all times.

Proof of routing:
» Every participant should have a digital camera with a removable SD card during the 24 hours.
» Participants should take a photo of the bike and himself every 40 km next to a road sign.
» Ride Map: Upon arrival, every rider should hand over to the jury a map of Lebanon marked by the routing he/she has used.

Details to be announced upon registration.

D.O.T helmets are obligatory.
Do Not Break any Traffic Laws.
No passengers are allowed.

Breach of any of the contest rules will result in automatic disqualification.
Late arrivals (even by just one minute) after 10:00am on Sunday will be disqualified.

Winner: The winner will receive the following:
* A unique trophy.
* The Steel Core Pin.
* Spa for your Harley® (Full Cleaning at the H-D® garage).
* Oil Change at the H-D® garage.
* Full Service check up at the H-D® garage.
* Dinner for 4 in Socrate.
* Name and picture displayed in the H.O.G.® area at the H-D® dealership.

Good Luck & Safe Riding